Austin, TX Gait Analysis for Runners

At Advanced Orthopedics in Austin, our sports medicine doctor and physical therapists are experts in biomechanics, including gait analysis. Our doctor has completed multiple marathons and triathlons, and is a two time finisher of the Boston Marathon. Dr. Jones, along with our team of therapists, understand the unique needs and lifestyle of runners.

We offer gait analysis to Austin runners to prevent or treat running injuries, and to enhance performance.

How Does Gait Analysis in Austin Work?

We use a range of methods, including gait analysis software, when we provide running gait analysis. Typically, one of our physical therapists will videotape your gait pattern, using different angles, speeds and footwear. This video will allow us to achieve a comprehensive observation of your gait, and will help us understand your specific gait, including any abnormal patterns of movement.

Once we begin to understand your running gait through observation and gait analysis software, we’ll be able to start working on your goal, whether it is to avoid injury, recover from an injury, or simply become a better runner. We’ll offer recommendations ranging from stretching, to strength training, to new shoes and more.

Schedule an Appointment for Gait Analysis at Advanced Orthopedics

Whether you’ve been injured or simply want to prevent an injury from occurring, professional gait analysis from a sports therapist can be beneficial to every serious or casual runner. To schedule an appointment for gait analysis in Austin with one of our expert physical therapists, contact us. We look forward to working with you!

Austin Gait Analysis

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