Arthritis is a condition of irritation and inflammation of the joints.  There are many diseases that can cause arthritis in the various joints of the body.  There are also many treatments available.  Atlanta Orthopedics offers both medical and surgical treatments for arthritis.

Surgery for arthritis is typically recommended when the arthritis is very severe, and other treatments have failed.  The most common operation for arthritis is done for arthritis of the knee.  Surgery for knee arthritis can range from minor outpatient Arthroscopic Surgery up to major Knee Replacement Surgery.  When arthritis of the Hip becomes severe, Hip Replacement may be the recommended treatment.  Shoulder Replacement Surgery can also provide excellent pain relief for patients with severe arthritis.

Many other joints can be affected by arthritis ranging from the hands to the toes to the spine.  A thorough evaluation of the problem can be done by the orthopedic surgeon to see if surgery might be recommendable.

If you think you may have arthritis, you can call our offices to schedule an appointment to be evaluated to determine what is causing your pain.  If you already considering surgery for arthritis, or think that you may benefit from surgery, you can see one of our orthopedic surgeons to discuss any possible procedures in detail.