Knee Replacement (or Total Knee Replacement) is a surgical treatment for severe arthritis of the knee joint. The knee joint is where the bottom of the thigh bone and the top of the shin bone come together. Knee arthritis happens as the knee joint wears out causing pain and stiffness. If the knee joint is completely worn out, Total Knee Replacement can provide excellent pain relief and allow a return to many activities.

Knee arthritis can come in many forms. Osteoarthritis – or wear and tear arthritis – is often inherited. Hip arthritis can also come after injuries to the hip such as fractures or dislocations. Arthritis usually causes pain in the groin area or inner thigh that is worse with activity, or after a prolonged period of sitting or standing.

During the surgery, the ends of the bones of the diseased knee are replaced with metal and plastic. Total knee replacement patients are up on their feet again within the first few days after surgery.   Several months of rehabilitation are required to obtain the best result.  With the latest technology in knee replacement implants, an artificial knee can last the rest of your life.

If you think you may have knee arthritis you can call our offices to schedule an appointment to be evaluated to determine what is causing your pain. If you are already considering Knee Replacement surgery, you can see one of our orthopedic surgeons to discuss the procedure in detail.