Our History

The year was 1976. It was the year of the American Bicentennial, bell-bottom jeans—and the biggest milestone in our practice’s history. That year, hand surgeon Charles McDowell and spine surgeon Joseph Macys formed McDowell and Macys. They hung their shingle on Richmond’s Grove Avenue, and soon thereafter became known as the place to go for specialty care in orthopaedics.

The practice quickly grew in both size and reputation. In 1987, McDowell and Macys changed its name to Orthopaedic Specialists. It became clear that the level of care these subspecialists were practicing went above and beyond the typical. In 1992, the group moved from its original location to form “Centers of Excellence” at Humana Hospital-St. Luke’s, now known as Henrico Doctors’, and changed their name to Advanced Orthopaedic Centers. In the mid-1990s, Advanced Orthopaedics reached into Southside Richmond, opening an office on the Johnston-Willis Hospital campus.

Orthopaedic subspecialists learned of the advances that were occurring at the practice, and more and more physicians joined the staff. As doctors were added, subspecialties were added. The practice became so comprehensive that an actual campus was needed to house all of its capabilities. In 2005, Advanced Orthopaedics moved to its current flagship headquarters on Shrader Road, a seven-acre campus that includes 12 Centers of Excellence, along with a full-service surgical center, staffed by world-class physicians and supporting professionals.

Once the practice was expanded, it was time to expand its scope of service. As specialists, Advanced Orthopaedics recognized that many orthopaedic issues require urgent care. So in 2008, they opened Ortho On-Call, the first walk-in clinic in the area that was devoted solely to orthopaedic conditions. Located in Midlothian, this facility has become a trusted resource for families and individuals needing urgent care for breaks, sprains, strains, and other orthopaedic problems. The success of this clinic led to the opening of a second Ortho On-Call in 2010, next to the West End’s Westbury Pharmacy. Both locations are open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Through Ortho On-Call, patients with injuries can get an X-ray taken on site, which is immediately sent to one of our 17 subspecialists for evaluation.

This year marks another major addition to the family of centers at Advanced Orthopaedics. The new Sports Performance and Wellness Institute on our campus at Shrader Road brings area athletes a level of expertise that is truly rare in a city the size of Richmond. Led by a former Olympian, this state-of-the-art facility is proving that we’re still making history in the area of advanced orthopaedics.

Today, our practice includes Centers of Excellence for hand surgery, foot and ankle, joint replacement, sports medicine, spine, occupational orthopaedic surgery, physiatry and electrodiagnostic medicine, pain management, shoulder, cartilage restoration, physical therapy, and hand therapy. The physicians behind these centers are among the most highly respected in their fields. Many of them speak around the world on their subspecialties, and most have been published in important medical journals.

Still, while this history has told you all about us and our doctors, Advanced Orthopaedics is really all about you. Our practice has evolved based on the needs of people like you, and that is how it will always be. As we enter our 36th year, we know that we are here because of the dedication of the 227 employees who work for us. Or actually, who work for you.